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Shop&Go is a folding cart for all your needs. It has a capacity of 60 liters and 40 kg load capacity. It has a reinforced aluminum telescopic handle and two 125 mm large fixed all-terrain wheels.


Very versatile
Perfect for any situation! For transportation of pet accessories, going to the grocery store, nautical accessories, toys for children etc.


Very practical!
Open can carry up to 40 kg of cargo and 60 liters of volume. Aluminum telescopic handle of the highest quality, durable, durable and lightweight.


Very resistant
Two off-road wheels with a diameter of 12.5 cm allow the use of Shop & Go on any surface.


Made in Europe
All our baskets are manufactured and designed in Barcelona using high quality materials that meet all European standards and requirements.


All our shopping carts and carts are 100% recyclable and manufactured with automatic machines that reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.



Unit price
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At Grenke Renting Romania, we take a personal approach to our work. We believe that traditional values such as transparency, fairness and honesty still hold true and we strive to ensure that these continue to underpin our relationships with customers, partners and shareholders. But our outlook also remains progressive, as is apparent from our innovative products and sustainable growth.
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Attractive product exposure should make people stop and get their attention. Then, they need to awaken their need or desire to buy the product. Third, the exposure must determine the customer to want the exposed product to belong to them. Finally, it has to trigger an action, meaning the customer must take the product and buy it.
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