Aluminium Mobile Work Platform
Platforma mobila de lucru din aluminiu
Platforma mobila de lucru din aluminiu

Aluminium Mobile Work Platform


Aluminum Working Platforms can be produced in different dimensions in accordance with your requirements and your company's demands.


After your requests and requirements are communicated to us, technical drawings related to the product are prepared and presented as proposals.

You can find the technical drawings of our working Aluminum Work Platform on the left side so that you can determine your requirements.


Here you can submit your price quote and technical drawing studies of the product to us when you inform us about the measurements of A, B, C and D and your other requirements related to the product (platform and ladder requirements, step preference, additional balance, etc.).

You can find detailed information about the measurements on the left product below.

A - Platform Height

B - Platform Depth

C - Platform - Step Width

D - Balance Foot Width

These products have high carrying capacities that you can use in your warehouses, reaching machine panels, in electromechanical projects, vehicle assemblies, various montage operations or depending on your needs.

In products special type sigma profiles are used as carrier profile.



A (cm.) Platform height
B (cm.) Working height (max.)
Platform dimensions (cm.)
Length & Width
Packaging W.xL.xH. (cm.)
Unit price
  • Display prices not include VAT
  • The products are properly packaged.
  • Each tax invoice will include the statement of compliance and the product warranty.



Aluminium Mobile Work Platform

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