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Industrial pallet racks are designed with emphasis on future needs for rational handling of materials. Their design contributes to a well-thought-out functionality, accompanied by a high level of safety.


The shelf mounts are made of galvanized / electroplated galvanized or electrostatically painted omega profiles, fastened together by screw-on contour profile C to support weights of over 17,000 kg. The support pallets have an optional length and are mounted by hanging on the frame (pillar), they are secured by means of safety nails.


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Frameworks SRL is the best choice in Romania for industrial metallic shelves and storage shelves. By choosing the products here you have the guarantee that they will help your warehouse to operate as efficiently and profitably as possible. Resistance, durability and safety are the three characteristics of the metallic shelves at Frameworks SRL!
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At Grenke Renting Romania, we take a personal approach to our work. We believe that traditional values such as transparency, fairness and honesty still hold true and we strive to ensure that these continue to underpin our relationships with customers, partners and shareholders. But our outlook also remains progressive, as is apparent from our innovative products and sustainable growth.
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