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Frameworks SRL is the best choice in Romania for industrial metallic shelves and storage shelves. By choosing the products here you have the guarantee that they will help your warehouse to operate as efficiently and profitably as possible. Resistance, durability and safety are the three characteristics of the metallic shelves at Frameworks SRL!


Storage rack for pallets metal shelves from frameworks-the exclusive representative in Romania of the Royal brand, is the best solution if you want to have the best product storage. To help you, depending on the space you have available, the shelves can be arranged in one or two rows back to the back (center). 

The shelves are made up of omega-profile pillars, pinning between them by screwing with C-profile bracing to support weights exceeding 9,000 kg. Instead, pallet support crosses have an optional length and can be mounted by hanging on the frame (mounting). In the case of sleepers, they are secured by means of safety nails. The maximum permissible weight per level is between 1400 and 3000 kg.


If you choose this product, you have three advantages: resistance, optimal storage space and increased stability.

With a height that reaches up to 6 meters, the shelves for pallet storage at frameworks provide a large enough space for storing variable pallet sizes. Depending on the requirements, the spaces between the sleepers may be altered.

Stability is one of the advantages of this product, which frameworks specialists strictly respect. If fitted correctly, all pallet shelves at frameworks are extremely stable and the risks of accidents are minimal.


Midirack storage shelf with midirack shelf shelves with metallic shelves from FRAMEWORKS the exclusive representative in Romania of the Royal brand, are available at 0.7 mm or 1.0 mm thick, with a maximum weight of 200 kg/level or 350 kg/level. They can be purchased at very advantageous prices. The metal sleepers (horizontal profiles) with a length of 210 cm and thickness of 2.5 mm have the advantage of mounting without screw, by blinking. Thanks to this clamping system, you can adjust the shelves very easily on the height of the shelf.


There is also a variant where you can purchase the shelf without metal shelves, and in place you can put chipboard or OSB plates. At frameworks, the price of a module without shelves is only 122 euros without VAT. For more information, you can contact the company representatives by phone.


The dimensions of the storage shelf are 250 cm high (but there is also the possibility of other dimensions, which can be executed at the command), 210 cm wide (between the vertical profiles), and the depth is 60 or 80 cm. The thickness of the components is: Montant ( Vertical profile): 2 mm, rail (horizontal bar): 2.5 mm, Metal Poliţa 30x60:0.7 mm (maximum weight supported 200kg/level), Metal Poliţa 30x60:1 mm (maximum weight of 350kg/level), Metal polit 30x80:1 mm (maximum weight of 385kg /level).


Metal shelf Easykit 600 kg on the shelves 177x160x60 cm metal shelf easykit 600 kg on the shelves 177x160x60 cm, marketed and delivered at national level of frameworks, are easily assembled only by blinking. This model is equipped with four adjustable MDF and high-quality galvanized steel with a thickness of 1.2 mm. Steel is coated with zinc, which makes it extremely corrosion resistant. The Easykit shelves marketed and delivered in Romania by frameworks are available in several variants and sizes and bear weights ranging from 250 to 600 kg.


Unlike the other models of the metal shelves Easykit, it supports the highest weight on the shelf. Thus, the HEAVY RACK model is the absolute champion and can support a maximum of 600 kg/COP. This model is available in a single color, dark gray, which is painted in electrostatic field.


In the help of buyers, the easykit metal shelves are properly packaged in compact packages, making them much easier to transport and store. The metal shelves of the frameworks Easykit are ideal for use in different locations, such as garages, landings, dressing rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, closed balconies, cellars, speakers, offices and archiving documents.


In order to maximise the stability of the Easykit metallic shelves, you can snap them into the wall in two points.

Rafturi depozitare - Rafturi Industriale
Rafturi depozitare - Rafturi Industriale
Rafturi depozitare - Rafturi Industriale
Rafturi depozitare - Rafturi Industriale
Rafturi depozitare - Rafturi Industriale
Rafturi depozitare - Rafturi Industriale
Rafturi depozitare - Rafturi Industriale
Rafturi depozitare - Rafturi Industriale
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