Rules for safe work on scaffolding

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Rules for safe work on scaffolding

For work on the scaffolding to be carried out safely, it is necessary that it is well placed, with the feet properly fastened, and not on bricks or on materials to break. Stairs should also not be missing when mounting a scaffolding.


The specific work safety rules have national applicability and are part of the mandatory package of documents for the construction of a specialized thermal insulation company. According to Article 17 of the "Specific safety rules for work on masonry, prefabrication and building finishes" it is necessary that "for work performed at heights below 5 m, simple scaffolding will be used and for heights of more than 5 m use scaffolding as indicated in the technology projects.


The scaffolding will be provided with railings and boarding boards and will be executed in such a way that they correspond to the tasks they will have to bear. It is forbidden to use improvised scaffolding and the movement of working personnel under the scaffolding on which they are working. "


Article 121 also mentions that "temporary fixations of prefabricated elements (welding points, anchors, wedges, etc.) are prohibited if the mounting technology established by the design does not provide for certain temporary fastening parts. After installation, the temporary fixings will be terminated by welding and monolithizing (...) ".


About the footpaths that the workers are up to, the law says it must be a continuous surface, and the joints between the panels or the cabinets of the podium should not be more than 10 millimeters.


Working at a height must only be carried out under supervision. Depending on the complexity of the works and the degree of danger involved, the person designated for the supervision is the manager of the workplace or the manager of the works concerned, or another designated person, equivalent in function. Prior to commencing work, the person designated for oversight of work must verify that all the security measures necessary to prevent injury and illness for workers have been provided.


Also, if unexpectedly harmful (toxic or inflammatory) emissions occur unexpectedly during work at height, works must be stopped immediately and workers must be evacuated by taking all precautions to avoid accidents and fires until the causes causing emanations to emerge.


Workplaces located at a height and access roads must be marked and signaled both day and night, in accordance with the standards in force. From the safety area, technical equipment may be evacuated or protected, which may be affected by possible dropping of objects from a height.


To avoid longitudinal and transverse displacements, access ramps must be secured to specially designed supports. If access ramps pass through holes, they must have solid railings, well fixed on the platform, on both sides of the ramp.


When working at a height of more than 2 m, in areas with intense movement or slippery floors, a worker must be staying at the bottom of the ladder to ensure the stability of the ladder. On the ground, a noticeable area of ​​protection will be provided, with a surface determined according to the maximum working height, the access of any foreign person to the area being prohibited.


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