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Are you a buyer who pays special attention to the products you buy at the supermarket store or supermarket in the neighborhood? Only pay attention to the products themselves or to the look of the store? Most people would give a negative answer to these questions because, as consumers, we take our own goals into account. Go to the store to buy what you need and possibly to take a look at the other existing products. But you look at the products, not the supermarket shelves on which these products are.


Supermarket shelves are designed to accommodate goods that are placed on them. The way the products are placed on the shelves will attract the attention of consumers and will cause them to buy them. Store shelves have evolved. It has passed from the wooden shelves to the lightweight metal shelves.


At present, there is a wide range of commercial metallic shelves that can be used in supermarkets, pet shops, maintenance and repair shops, car centers, department stores, cash & carry shops, small products and outlets


Wood vs. Metal

With the passing of the years, store shelves have evolved due to the growing consumer needs. However, the cost of wooden shelves has increased, while the cost of metal shelves has fallen. Merchants had to make a choice. They had to choose between wooden and metal shelves.


Wood shelves are hard to clean. Once damaged, they must be discarded and can not be reused. From the moment the wooden shelves fall due to weight, they can no longer be used. Wood shelves deteriorate much faster than metal ones.


Therefore, the shelves in the supermarket were replaced by the metal ones, and traders could enjoy all the advantages of these shelves. When metal racks wear out, they can be repaired or recycled to make new metal racks.


Additional benefits

In addition to easy cleaning and repairing, supermarket metal shelves have other advantages. These shelves are easy to fit, sturdy, sturdy and do not occupy much space. They are designed to withstand in the long run the intense demands of employees and consumers.


Also, metal racks look aesthetically very good, and the visual impact is great. Once mounted, they will give the store a neat look, which is very important for improving customer experience during shopping.


Damage to the shelves

Metallic shelves for supermarkets can be damaged for various reasons. Goods can be improperly placed on them, chemicals that spend too much time on the shelves can cause rust. For this reason, it is very important that store shelves are properly maintained.


A store that is made up of large metal racks will not look nice if the shelves are not properly maintained.


In order not to have trouble setting up the store and doing it in the best possible conditions, the best solution is to purchase some store shelves made available by Frameworks Srl.


Store shelves marketed by the company are of different types. Customers can purchase:

- Modular wall shelf

- Perforated shelf / metal shelves with hooks

- Gondola middle shelf

- Gondola end for middle shelves

- bakery shelf in Pal

- Vegetable-fruit shelf with ceiling 220x100 cm

- Vegetable-fruit shelf 225x125 cm


Shelves made available to customers are very flexible, with many possibilities of operation and can be easily installed. They are made of 0.8 mm steel sheet painted in electrostatic field. They have double reinforcement to support a load of 100kg per each shelf.


With the help of these shelves, the store can easily be set up, in a very attractive way, so that customers can enter each one with great pleasure. In addition, the better it is and better organized, the more it attracts more customers who will buy and produce they did not intend to buy.


Frameworks Srl offers its customers a wide range of products: storage racks, mobile scaffolding, platform stairs, miniplatform, shop equipment and accessories, etc. These can be seen in the presentation showroom in Afumati, Ilfov.

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