Internal 90 Degree Corner Shelf Unit
Raft metalic Colt interior 90 de grade
Raft metalic Colt interior 90 de grade

Internal 90 Degree Corner Shelf Unit


Those who have a physical store and want a better presentation of the products, have to turn to shelves that comply with as many quality conditions as possible. They must fit perfectly into the room for which they are dedicated, they must ensure good visibility for the products and must be as strong as possible.


Metallic wall shelves are made of a 0.8 mm double reinforced steel sheet painted in electrostatic field. Each shelf can successfully withstand up to 100kg loads.


It is recommended that products run on the surface of the entire shelf to create a balance. The shelves we sell are certified by TUV, CE and EN ISO 9001. 


The flexibility is represented by multiple possibilities of operation and easy installation. One very important thing is that you are not limited to the number of standard policies, and can add more, as needed.


It is good to know that mounting a larger number of shelves requires a final upright that completes the line.


Shelving Type
Length & Width
Unit price
Colt interior 90 de grade  
225 cm  
75*75 cm  
Baza 50 / 4 *40 cm (adancime)  
Alb / Rosu  
20 / jan
At Grenke Renting Romania, we take a personal approach to our work. We believe that traditional values such as transparency, fairness and honesty still hold true and we strive to ensure that these continue to underpin our relationships with customers, partners and shareholders. But our outlook also remains progressive, as is apparent from our innovative products and sustainable growth.
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